Stoneware Pottery by David Berg

Each individual piece of Berg’s Stoneware dinnerware is fully hand made and is therefore unique, even the same glazes may naturally vary a bit from piece to piece. In addition, the various matched pieces will be very close, but will not be perfectly identical in size in shape. If it is perfectly matched sets you desire, then your best bet is to purchase factory made dinnerware set from a department store. All dimensions are approximate to within about ¼ inch.

All of my glaze formulations are lead-free and have been tested to be safe for all kinds of foods. The dinnerware is dishwasher safe and microwave safe when used as intended. The most common cause of breakage (besides dropping) is from thermal shock (rapid temperature change). Therefore dinnerware should never be placed in a pre-heated oven or on a stove cook top or heated in the microwave with liquid oils or liquid sugars. With proper care your stoneware dinner set will last for many years.

Dinner plate, 10" diameter $35
Salad plate, 8" diameter $25
Cereal/salad bowl, 7" diameter $25
Coffee cup, 8 oz $18
Mug, 10–12 oz $20
Tumbler, 12 oz $15
Serving platter, 12" diameter $45
Serving bowl, 10" diameter $35
Pasta bowl $30
Sugar bowl with lid $25
Creamer pitcher $18
Three-piece canister set Inquire
Utensil crock $30
Goblet $50
Berry bowl with matching plate $45
Colander with matching plate $60