Communion Sets

Stoneware Pottery by David Berg

My Communion ware is entirely hand crafted so the size and capacity of pieces will vary somewhat. Paired pieces in sets made at the same time will match each other very closely in size. Stoneware pottery is somewhat variable by it’s nature and even the same glaze in the same kiln can vary a bit.

All my stoneware glaze formulations are especially formulated for functional ware and have been tested and shown to be safe and durable for any food or beverage. They are dishwasher safe.

Paten, 10–12" diameter $50
Paten with lattice cut-out rim $125
Chalice, 8–9" tall, 3" diameter $50
Chalice with fluted stem $65
Communion pitcher, 12" tall, 1 quart $45
Carafe with rough cut cork, 10–12" tall, 3 cups $45
Ciborium with lid, 9–10" tall, 4" diameter $100
Ciborium with fluted stem $115
Bowl for ritual hand washing, 5 lb, 10–12" diameter $75
Bowl for ritual hand washing, 3 lb, 8–9" diameter $50


  • Raw sienna / bone
  • Spearmint green / powder blue
  • Spearmint green / raw sienna
  • Variegated slate blue / powder blue
  • Variegated slate blue / raw sienna
  • Waterfall brown / bone